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Sales Promotions

Whether you're marketing to customers or educating employees, audio provides an ideal environment to explain your products or services. Audio 'newsletters' generate enthusiasm for new products. Dramatized audio presents typical sales scenarios and provide employees with effective responses. Audio training prepares employees for typical customer requests, and the best way to defuse difficult situations.

Sales Promotions and Motivations

Sample audios are reduced quality for quicker download.

"Compaq Bonanza" (Merisel)1:15

Announcing an internal promotion on
key products to internal sales associates.

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"Auto Talk" (Infiniti USA)12:14

Press briefing audio to auto reporters
test-driving new line of luxury cars.

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"Sam Spillade, Private Eye"
(GlenFed Bank)21:49

Employee motivation 'detective show' to
kick off a business-building effort.

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"Patton" (ComputerLand)4:23

Motivational audio with an 'urgent' tone
to start a sales promotion campaign.

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"CD MAN" (GlenFed Bank)7:42

Launching a cross-selling campaign
with a 'super hero' motivation theme.

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"Mr. Farley's Family" (GlenFed Bank)8:15

A humorous domestic scenario
to support a cross-selling campaign.

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Sales promotion and motivation audios can easily be repurposed for training and education programs. Check out similar audios on our Training and Education page.

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