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Employee training and education come in many formats: online, video, classroom ... and audio. Audio downloads from your employee portal or inexpensive CDs delivered to remote employees can provide training and employee information when a classroom environment or delivery restrictions get in the way. And Roger Rittner Productions can put an entertainment spin on the audio to engage employees.

Training and Education

Sample audios are reduced quality for quicker download.

"For Your Benefit"9:13

An audio 'news magazine' explains the
often dry subject of employee benefits.

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"Auto Talk" (Infiniti USA)12:14

An employee information 'talk show'
explains the features of a new line of cars.

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"Ask Miss Peabody"7:13

A takeoff on a radio sitcom merges
a lot of disparate employee services information.

MP3MP3 WMA WMA Real Real

"CD MAN" (GlenFed Bank)7:42

A 'super hero' audio adventure
explains the benefits of a new investment product.

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Training and education audios can easily be repurposed for sales promotion and motivation programs. Check out similar audios on our sales promotion and sales motivations page.

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