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Special Events

Any special event can be enhanced with an audio narration or presentation. Shuttle busses from parking to the venue are an ideal opportunity to prepare visitors for what they'll experience - and extol the virtues of the sponsoring organization. Audio can accompany slideshows and other descriptive add-ons. Audio tours at the event itself can explain and educate as visitors browse at their own pace.

Tours and Special Events

Sample audios are reduced quality for quicker download.

Four different approaches to describing an annual event:
The Pasadena Showcase House of Design

"Celebrity Narration" (2000)3:56

MP3MP3 WMA WMA Real Real

"Showbiz" (2007)6:12

MP3MP3 WMA WMA Real Real

"Morning Talk Show" (2001)5:30

MP3MP3 WMA WMA Real Real

"Stately" (2009)7:42

MP3MP3 WMA WMA Real Real

Roger Rittner Productions has also produced audio programs
and special events for:

  • "Star Trek - The Adventure" (London)
  • Festival Artists (Pasadena Rose Parade)
  • Santa Barbara Unity Shoppe
  • Hollywood Magic Castle
  • L.A. Museum of Modern Art
  • Leisure World (Laguna Hills)
  • Society for the Preservation of Variety Arts

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